HSR Asia 2023
  StratComs Events is pleased to bringing you the 6th International Conference - HSR Asia 2023 taking place in Kuala Lumpur from 31st October to 1st November 2023. This prestigious event will bring together decision makers, policy makers, practitioners, rail operators, government, industry experts and researchers from around the world to explore and discuss the latest advancements, challenges and opportunities in the high speed rail and other rail transport systems in the Asia Pacific region. The 2 day conference will track the rapid development of growth and network expansion of high-speed rail systems and will offer insights and analysis of the Asia Pacific rail market, covering the current situation, expected new developments, key trends, advanced rail solutions including AI technology and opportunities.  
  Advisory Panel

Mark Loader
, PMO Director, Southern Section, HS2, SCS Railways, United Kingdom
Sim Ooi Kok, Country Managing Director, Alstom Malaysia, Malaysia
T C Chew, Global Rail Solutions Leader, ARUP, United Kingdom
David Hyland, Managing Director, Rail Personnel
Tonny Yeap, Associate Partner, Ernst & Young Consulting, Malaysia
  Opening Keynote Address

Dato’ Sri Fauzi Abdul Rahman, Chairman
MyHSR Corporation, Malaysia
  Panel of Industry Specialists and Government

T C Chew, Director, Global Rail Solutions, ARUP, United Kingdom
Mark Loader, PMO Director, Southern Section, HS2, SCS Railways, United Kingdom
Sim Ooi Kok, Country Managing Director, Alstom Malaysia, Malaysia
Dev Amratia, Co-Founder & CEO, nPlan, United Kingdom
Rod Diridon, Sr.,
Co-Chair, US High Speed Rail Coalition, USA
Chair Emeritus, California HSR Authority
Past Chair, American Public Transportation Association
Adj. Prof Andrea Giuricin
Transport Economist at CESISP, University Milan Bicocca
CEO, TRA Consulting
Senior Transport Consultant, World Bank, Asia and Africa
Jeff Tan, APAC Leader, Supply Chain & Logistics Practice, Frost & Sullivan, Asia Pacific
Simon Lane, Executive Director, Rail Advisory Services
Kent Donaldson, Executive Railway Specialist, Saudi Arabian Rail (SAR)/ Gulf Cooperative Council, Middle east
Bernard Sebastian, Assistant Vice President, Express Rail Link (ERL), Malaysia
Ir. Sri Viknesh Permalu, Associate, Malaysia Rail Systems Leader, Arup

The combined experience and expertise of our Advisory Panel will ensure a proactive and thought provoking 2 days of presentations, discussions and interactive panel sessions.

The first day of the conference will bring together industry leaders to discuss how to deliver cost-effective rail projects in the current market conditions, featuring a range of panel discussions and presentations focusing on current challenges looking at value for money project development, affordability and commercial options, financing models and funding, drawing on experience from recent and current projects in Malaysia and the Asia Pacific region.

The second day will move to focus on how new technology and innovation can help ensure projects are delivered in the most cost-effective manner both in during construction and future operations and maintenance. The day will look at the latest developments in the use of AI and innovation in the delivery of high speed rail and other projects around the world, including an expert panel discussing their applicability and benefits for projects in the region such as the KL-Singapore HSR project.
  Executive Summary by Frost & Sullivan

As the global transportation landscape evolves, the delicate balance between high-speed rail and airline services demands strategic innovation and collaboration to ensure optimal customer experiences and industry growth. The Executive Summary will highlight the impact of high speed rail on the airline industry and how airlines adapt to the evolving landscape, where high speed rail operators have become formidable competitors. Japan is an example of successful of successful integration, with domestic travellers seamlessly utilising air and rail service. Meanwhile, China’s extensive high-speed rail network has led to the removal of short-haul flights, intensifying competition for medium-haul routes between rail and airlines. Legacy airlines are strategising to remain competitive, considering partnerships with rail operators and low-cost carriers to enhance service quality, cost efficiency and customer retention. Whilst Europe’s high speed rail growth has replaced certain domestic routes, ample opportunities remain for air carriers in the intra-Europe market, targeting undeserved or unserved routes.
  Conference Outline

Day 1, Tuesday, 31st October 2023

08:00 Registration & Morning Coffee
09:00 Chairman’s Welcome Address
T C Chew,
Global Rail Business Leader, ARUP, United Kingdom
  Regional and Global Rail Project Updates
  Opening Keynote Address
Opportunities and challenges with the KL-Singapore high speed rail project – moving forward
Governments and the people the world over have encountered unprecedented challenging climates the past years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, on-going regional and global conflicts, and numerous incidents that have intensified the impact of socio-economic challenges across all stratas.

In addressing a number of these challenges, the Kuala Lumpur-Singapore High Speed Rail (KL-SG HSR) project presents a tremendous opportunity for the Government of Malaysia to rope in international and local industry players from the private sector to jointly develop the high-impact and game-changing initiative via the public-private partnership model.

As demonstrated globally, with integrated and meticulous planning in advance, the KL-SG HSR project is expected to be a growth engine that will help steer Malaysia into becoming a developed nation, unlocking the various high-value potentials along the Southern corridor of Peninsular Malaysia, as the country and its neighbours stride towards rebuilding and bolstering their socio-economic strength and resilience.

The development of the HSR in Malaysia has the capacity to fundamentally change the country's economy and transport system, leading to a multitude of economic, social, and environmental benefits that can improve the country’s long-term competitiveness and sustainability.

Dato’ Sri Fauzi Abdul Rahman, Chairman
MyHSR Corporation, Malaysia

Keynote Address

Keynote Panel discussion: HSR in Asia Pacific
T C Chew, Director, Global Rail Business, ARUP, United Kingdom
Dato’ Sri Fauzi Abdul Rahman, Chairman, MyHSR Corporation, Malaysia
Mark Loader, PMO Director, Southern Section, HS2, United Kingdom
Kent Donaldson, Executive Railway Specialist, Saudi Arabian Rail (SAR)/ Gulf Cooperative Council, Middle East
Sim Ooi Kok, Country Managing Director, Alstom Malaysia, Malaysia

Morning Coffee and Networking Opportunity

HSR projects update
  Affordability and Funding of Rail Projects
  Can there be an affordable HSR?

The presentation will articulate and share views on
  • Affordable Capital and Life Cycle cost and associated challenges
  • Broader social and economic health, why public private partnership is a critical success factor for an affordable HSR
  • Will an affordable HSR really support Mobility and Sustainability agenda and really support the impact of urbanisation and climate change?
T C Chew, Director, Global Rail Business, Arup, United Kingdom

Is the Taiwan HSR financing model relevant and repeatable for KL-SG HSR?

Track Access Charge and Business Models in HSR
  • Different business model around the World
  • The Italian case of competition
  • Other examples from Europe and Asia
  • Track Access charge as driver of competition
Adj. Prof Andrea Giuricin
Transport Economist at CESISP, University Milan Bicocca
CEO,  TRA Consulting/ Senior Transport Consultant, World Bank, Asia and Africa How can Transit-oriented development contribute
  • Land swap options
  • Can the KL Sentral success be repeated
Case study of 3 airports project, Thailand
  Lunch and Networking Opportunity
  Panel Discussion – Ensuring Projects are Cost Effective, Affordable and Financeable

Using ToDs to support funding is important but will be inadequate, Land Value Capture where either the Government or Private Land Owners will need to offer incentives for precinct development around the HSR stations
  Post Pandemic Impacts on Major Projects
  How to Address inflation and Increased Material Prices
- Phased Delivery Models
- Geopolitical Impact
  Afternoon Tea and Networking Opportunity
  Climate Change and Identifying HSR as a Primary Transportation Mode
Catapulting metropolitan areas into sustainability by promoting the use of electric energy instead of carbon based fuels.
Rod Diridon, Sr.,
Co-Chair, US High Speed Rail Coalition
Chair Emeritus, California HSR Authority
Past Chair, American Public Transportation Association

How is ESG shaping the future of rail

Can environmental benefits fund projects
  • Rail De-carbonisation, Sustainability and Resilience.
Informal discussion time of output from the day, with summary/wrap up address from Chairman
  End of Day 1 followed by Evening Drinks and Networking Opportunity
  Day 2, Wednesday, 1st November 2023

08:30 Morning Coffee
09:00 Chairman’s Address
Mark Loader, PMO Director, Southern Section, HS2, United Kingdom
  Lessons learned that can be applied
  • Brazil HSR project that has recently restarted – shat changed
  • Etihad Rail passenger services – how can they be financed
  Morning Coffee and Networking Opportunity
  • Egypt HSR – currently in construction – what lessons can be learned
  • When to get an operator on board – focus on revenue and profitability
  • Update on Kl MRT3 and Penang LRT – lessons/models that could be applied
  • Jakarta – Bandung High Speed Rail
  The Middle East High Speed Rail Projects – Case Study
Kent has held senior executive positions in rail in Australia and over the last ten years worked in the Middle East based in Saudi Arabia at an executive specialist level with Saudi  Arabian Rail (SAR) and the Gulf Cooperative Council over the six countries of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait,Bahrain, Oman, and Qatar on rail medium and fast rail projects incorporating some 6000 kms of new rail infrastructure development across the Middle East.
  • Operating across common standards through six countries
  • Implementing EN Standards in conjunction with the EU
  • Critical operating issues in a harsh operating environment
  • Technical and rolling stock procurement and maintenance
  • The capitalization of the GCC Railway and future expansion project planning
  • Safety and skilling the workforce
Kent Donaldson, Executive Railway Specialist
Saudi Arabian Rail (SAR)/ Gulf Cooperative Council, Middle east
  Railways of Tomorrow: Designing Sustainable Cross-Border HSR Connections
Cross-border rail networks have emerged as crucial conduits for connectivity, fostering economic, social, and environmental transformations that extend well beyond national boundaries. It is evident that HSR networks have profound influence on shaping global futures. The paper discusses the  barriers in achieving the seamless network result from factors such as power systems, control systems, a variety of regulations regarding traffic management or even problems with communication, resulting from the different languages. By examining the intricate interplay of infrastructure, diplomacy, technology, and sustainability, the paper is intended to discuss cross-border rail systems bridge nations and redefine possibilities. Through a comprehensive analysis of case studies, challenges, and opportunities, this paper uncovers the multifaceted impact of these networks on cross border barriers to completion. It will also cover the European experiences with cross-border HSR to similar projects elsewhere in the world, specifically, the cross-border HSR route planned between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.
  • Examples of cross border-HSR networks globally
  • Cross-Border barriers, lessons learnt in project delivery and implementation; analysis of case studies
  • Importance of integration and interoperability
  • Discuss the regulatory hurdles that arise when designing HSR connections across borders, and explore international agreements
Ir. Sri Viknesh Permalu, Associate, Malaysia Rail Systems Leader, Arup, Malaysia
  Lunch and Networking Opportunity
  Harnessing Technological Advancements to Strengthen Business Partnerships Sub-points:
  • Current challenges and trends post-pandemic
  • Integrated ticketing enables interoperability for better passenger experience
  • KLIA Ekspres’ experience:
    • Using technology to build a worldwide network of ticketing partners and drive B2B business
    • Leveraging partners’ strengths to grow B2C market
Bernard Sebastian, Asst Vice President, Sales & Biz Dev,Express Rail Link, Malaysia
  High Speed Rail Revolution - Reshaping Regional Airlines through Intense Competition
Description: Traveling at 250 kmph, high-speed trains pose a competitive challenge to airlines, sparking intense rivalry. Legacy carriers are adapting, exploring potential collaborations with rail and low-cost carriers. Europe's high-speed rail network has already replaced certain routes, yet significant unexplored opportunities persist. Despite rail limitations, air travel prevails in India and the US. In Japan, a harmonious balance between air and rail travel exists, whereas China's expansive high-speed network disrupts short-haul flights and triggers a spirited competition for medium-haul routes.
Jeff Tan, APAC Leader, Supply Chain & Logistics Practice, Frost & Sullivan, Asia Pacific
  The role of AI and Advanced Innovation in Rail
  Using AI and innovation to deliver HS2 – Cost Efficiency in Rail Project Delivery
HS2 is a major investment for the UK government. A key objective is to use the opportunity to develop innovation for the construction of the railway, looking at both productivity and green factors. This paper will highlight some of. The Solutions being developed and adopted including
  • The use of AI to improve risk management and project planning
  • Construction innovation including the use of 3D concrete printing
  • Emission reductions and the drive towards diesel free construction sites
Mark Loader, PMO Director, Southern Section, HS2, United Kingdom
  Using AI and data from 750,000 projects to de-risk project delivery on HS2
Joint presentation from Mark Loader (PMO Director at SCS) and Dev Amratia (CEO at nPlan) to share how the scope being delivered on HS2 (by one of the main contractor JV’s) is leveraging cutting edge technology to unveil unknowns and de-risk the project schedule.
  • nPlan forecasts project outcomes by using AI to read and understand how 750,000 previous projects (approx. $1.7T of capital) performed. The technology can automatically contextualise a project and draw insights on how teams can de-risk their schedule.
  • This talk will cover:
    • A description of nPlan’s technology
    • How SCS are leveraging it on the project today and lessons learnt
Dev Amratia, Co-Founder & CEO, nPlan, United Kingdom
  Smart Maintenance through AI
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) is now widely used across many industries. We look at its potential in the transport sector and how, at Alstom, we are using it to help improve safety and efficiency, and to provide the foundation for more sustainable transportation.
  • At Alstom, we believe AI is a key competitive advantage that enables us to speed up value creation and makes railroads, the most sustainable transportation mode, more efficient. From predictive maintenance to optimisation of operation and energy consumption, AI is used across every part of Alstom.
  • Alstom as one of the global leader in HSR Technology will demonstrate how AI and robots monitor "train health" to improve the reliability and availability of rail services.
  • A "robot dog" better known as kAI, assists technicians with maintenance activities such as monthly train servicing operations. Equipped with a camera and sensors, it conducts visual inspections of trains from different angles, checking different components for faults and utilising its AI algorithm to analyse recorded data before providing recommended solutions to technicians.
Sim Ooi Kok, Country Managing Director, Alstom Malaysia, Malaysia
  Can new technologies make HSR affordable
  • The switch from Electric to Hydrogen trains – is the market ready?
  • Dual use HSR lines ( passenger and freight) pros and cons
  • Latest materials/designs to reduce weight and hence operating costs
  New rail technology
Presentations on new technologies in rail vehicles, signalling power systems etc.
  Improving cost effective delivery through advanced innovative technology
  Closing Panel Session
Why high speed rail systems need to be at 350 km/hr, a reduction to 250 Km/hr service will significantly reduce the over capital and future O&M cost for sure. Should be a thought-provoking topic to discuss.
  Closing Remarks and End of HSR Asia 2023
  Opening Keynote Address

Dato’ Sri Fauzi Abdul Rahman
Chairman, MyHSR Corporation, Malaysia

Dato’ Sri Haji Fauzi Bin Abdul Rahman is the Non-Executive Chairman of MyHSR Corporation Sdn Bhd since 22 June 2023. Having served on the Board of Directors of Malaysia Rail Link Sdn Bhd that manages the implementation of the East Coast Rail Link project, he is well versed in the development and challenges within the Malaysian rail industry. Dato’ Sri Haji Fauzi also has extensive experience in the public service following an impeccable career dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of Malaysians having served in a number of ministries, including as Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Land and Cooperative Development, as well as the Ministry of Information. He was the Member of Parliament (MP) of Kuantan and Indera Mahkota during separate terms and was the Pahang State Assemblyman for Beserah. He had also served as the Chairman of the Licensing and Legal Committee in the Kuantan Municipal Council.

Dato’ Sri Haji Fauzi also had a stellar career in the engineering field and in numerous government agencies and private companies. Dato’ Sri Haji Fauzi started his career as Practical Trainee Engineer with several international companies in the mining industry such as Nottingham Coal Mines (Nottingham, England), Fulda Potash Mine (West Germany), and Pamour Porcupine Gold Mines (Timmins, Ontario, Canada). His other work experience includes serving as Chairman of Fraser’s Hill Merlin Hotel Sdn Bhd and Fraser's Hill Development Corporation which administered the hill area dubbed as the “Little England of Malaysia”. Between 1991 and 2003, he served as the President of the Paralympic Council of Malaysia that promoted the development of para sports for persons with disabilities in Malaysia. He successfully led the Malaysian paralympic contingent to Greece, Korea, and Australia as the Chef de Mission. Dato’ Sri Haji Fauzi holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Mining Engineering from the prestigious Imperial College of Science and Technology, University of London. He is an alumni of the elite Malay College Kuala Kangsar (MCKK), and the Victoria Institution, Kuala Lumpur.s
  Panel of Industry Specialists and Government

Dev Amratia
Co-Founder & CEO, nPlan, United Kingdom

Dev is a chartered engineer and the Co-Founder and CEO of nPlan, an AI company that forecasts the outcomes and risks of construction projects, using data from over 750,000 previous projects. nPlan delivers a new paradigm in the management of risk and uncertainty. Dev’s experience is in delivering construction projects for the energy industry, spanning 3 continents over 9 years. Following this, Dev worked for the UK government to launch and deliver the national review on AI, which was published as part of the Industrial Strategy in 2017.

Dev has a strong passion to change the way projects are delivered through data-enabled decision-making. nPlan has scaled to operate in 8 countries and has processed schedules representing over $1.6T of construction spend, the largest dataset of its kind in the world.

Mark Loader
PMO Director, Southern Section, HS2, SCS Railways, United Kingdom

Mark is currently PMO director for the southern section of the HS2 project. He has more than with more than 30 years of experience in the development, delivery and operation of rail systems around the world. Prior to this he held senior positions on the Rail Baltica high speed rail project and the KL-Singapore High Speed Rail. Mark has worked for civil contractors, equipment suppliers, operators and consultants. His regional experience includes working on rail projects in Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Australia. He started his career with British Rail and then spent 10 years working around the world, including work with suppliers and projects in 25 countries on 5 continents. He was worked on a range of transport technologies from Cable Cars to maglev, and has acted as a champion for the introduction of innovation and new technologies.

Sim Ooi Kok
Country Managing Director, Alstom Malaysia, Malaysia

Sim brings over 20 years of experience in the railway industry holding various key strategic roles in organisations representing End Client, Public Transport Regulator, Turnkey Contractor, Rolling Stock Manufacturer, Communication Systems Contractor and Rail Operator across Europe and Asia.

Up to the most recent, he was the Chief Operating Officer for Sapura Rail Systems before joining Alstom as Country Managing Director / Customer Director for Malaysia.

T C Chew
Global Rail Solutions Leader, ARUP, United Kingdom

As Arup’s Global Rail Business Leader, TC leads an international team of rail experts working on all kinds of rail transit systems, including high-speed, metros, light and heavy rail. As an advisor to governments and delivery bodies responsible for major rail projects, TC’s focus is on helping clients to unlock the transformative potential of rail.

Prior to Arup, TC was the President of Global Business Operations. During his time as Projects Director at MTR Corporation TC was responsible for all new railway projects in Hong Kong, TC also held senior portfolio with other Rail Transport related organisations including Bombardier Transportation, Singapore Land Transport Authority and London Underground. TC is a chartered engineer and Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering as well other professional institutions in the UK.

Adj. Prof Andrea Giuricin
Transport Economist at CESISP, University Milan Bicocca
CEO, TRA Consulting
Senior Transport Consultant, World Bank, Asia and Africa

Adj.Prof. Dr. Andrea Giuricin is CEO of TRA consulting, a strategic consultancy company based in Barcelona and Milan with international customers from Europe, Middle East, Asia, America working with the top management (CEO and President) in the strategic and operational decisions. He created the “studies office” for the CEO of Italo-NTV, the first private high speed rail company in open access competition and he worked in the first HSR market open to the competition (Italy, South Korea, Spain) as strategic and operational consultant for the CEOs and top managers of the Railway companies. He is working with several other project in the rail industry, including rail freight operators and infrastructure managers.

He is senior transport consultant for the World Bank, reforming transport sector in Asia and Africa and for the United Nations. In the last years he was speaker at International Transport Forum of OECD. He is teaching Transport Economics at University Milano Bicocca in Italy. In the same University he is responsible for the development of transport studies at CESISP – Unimib and he is adj. Prof. at University of Southern California, United States. He is also former visiting professor at China Academy of Railway Sciences, the leader organization in the world for the railway industry. He is also professor at UIC (International Association of Railways).

Dr. Andrea Giuricin cooperates and works with several Transport Authorities (CNMC in Spain, ART in Italy, CMA in UK, LATRA Tanzania, SPAD in Malaysia, RSR in South Africa), with the European Commission and European Railway Agency.

Rod Diridon, Sr.
Co-Chair, US High Speed Rail Coalition
Chair Emeritus, California HSR Authority
Past Chair, American Public Transportation Association

From 1993 to 2014, Rod Diridon, Sr., was executive director of the Mineta Transportation Institute (MTI), a transportation policy research center created in 1991 by Congress. He is known as the father of modern transit service in Silicon Valley and has chaired more than 100 international, national, state, and local programs, most related to transit and the environment. He frequently provides legislative testimony on sustainability. Mr. Diridon was appointed in 2001 and 2005 by Governors Davis and Schwarzenegger, respectively, to the California High Speed Rail Authority Board of which he is chair emeritus. He’s past chair of the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) and a founder of the APTA High Speed Intercity Rail Committee and National High Speed Rail Corridors´ Coalition. He served as president of the national Council of University Transportation Centers (CUTC) and was elected chair of the US High Speed Rail Association’s (US HSRA) Board. He served for six years as North American vice chair of the International Transit Association (UITP) in Brussels. In 1976, he chaired the state’s first successful local half-cent sales tax for transit and subsequently co-chaired a state-wide and four successful regional transportation financing and bond elections.

Fortuitously, in 1996 he founded and chaired the Transportation Research Board´s study panel, “Combating Global Warming through Sustainable Transportation Policy.” He advised the Federal Transit Administration and in 1995 chaired the National Research Council´s Transportation Research Board´s Transit Oversight and Project Selection Committee. He provided keynotes, especially on sustainability and climate change, in more than 50 US cities and for a dozen international conferences and has published numerous related articles. In his younger years he was an avid bicyclist and has driven electric cars since 1996. His home photovoltaic array is a net contributor to the grid. He’s past chair of the region’s League of Conservation Voters and a life and Muir Society Member of the Sierra Club. He received lifetime achievement awards from APTA, CUTC, National Association of Counties, San Jose State’s College of Business, US HS Ground Transportation Association, US High Speed Rail Association, regional LCV, and others.

His political career began in 1971 as the youngest person ever elected to the Saratoga City Council. He retired in 1995 because of term limits after completing five terms, six times chairing, both the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors and Transit Board. He’s the only person to chair the San Francisco Bay Area´s (119 cities, 27 transit agencies, and 9 counties) three regional governments: The Metropolitan Transportation Commission, the Air Quality Management District, and the Association of Bay Area Governments. He chaired nine successful rail system development project boards. In 1995 the region’s main train station was renamed the “San Jose Diridon Station” upon his retirement. He’s now focused on combating climate change by convening the Rotary Climate Action Council. After receiving a BS in accounting and MSBA in statistics in 1963 from San Jose State University, he served two combat tours as a naval officer in Vietnam. In 1968 he founded the Decision Research Institute which was sold in 1977 after his election. Mr. Diridon has two successful children, Rod Jr. and Mary Margaret, and four grandchildren. He is married to Dr. Gloria Duffy, former US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense and now president and CEO of the Commonwealth Club of California. In July of 2014 he shifted to emeritus status at MTI.

Jeff Tan
APAC Leader, Supply Chain & Logistics Practice, Frost & Sullivan, Asia Pacific

Jeff is the Head of Frost & Sullivan's APAC Supply Chain & Logistics (SC&L) Advisory Practice, responsible for developing and managing client relationships and conceptualizing and overseeing advisory engagements. He maintains a deep understanding of emerging trends, technologies, and market behavior in the Transportation, Supply Chain Solution Providers, Freight Infrastructure, and Maritime sectors across the Asia Pacific region.

Jeff has an impressive track record, having led multiple research studies and consulting projects for Frost & Sullivan, including Contract Logistics Market Analysis, Warehousing Market Opportunities, and Freight Logistics Industry in the Asia Pacific region.

Before joining Frost & Sullivan, Jeff worked with TNT Express and FedEx Express, where he developed technical knowledge and skills in supply chain efficiency and cost management. He has worked with over 20 multinational companies in the Southeast Asia region, specializing in express shipments, customized air cargo and cross-border land trucking solutions, and Service Logistics. Jeff is also a sought-after thought leadership speaker at Supply Chain & Logistics conferences.

Kent Donaldson
Executive Railway Specialist, Saudi Arabian Rail (SAR)/ Gulf Cooperative Council, Middle East
  • Executive QANTAS Airways Ltd
  • Development Manager Melbourne Airport
  • General Manager Australian Rail Track Corp Operation,Infrastructure & Safety
  • Chair of Australian Railway Regulation Safety Board
  • Executive Director Transport & Regulation NSW Australia
  • Chief Operating Officer Melbourne Suburban Veolia Railway Network
  • Adviser for Hajj Rail Operations Saudi Arabia
  • Development Specialist Saudi Arabia Rail (SAR)
  • Rail Specialist Gulf CoOperation Council GCC Railway Network across 6 Middle East member countries

Simon Lane
Executive Director, Rail Advisory Services

Simon Lane has enjoyed a 41 year long Rail O&M career in 5 countries. 31 of those years in senior management positions. In his book Without Delay (amazon books) the documented the key lessons he learned across all aspects of the Rail O&M managers and major Project planning with many examples of what worked (or not) and why providing a template for future rail leaders to consider.

His experience includes leading the Sydney Olympic rail task in 2000, the start up of two driverless mass transit systems, heading up three major suburban rail Operations and shaping a reliability transformation programme in Singapore that reduced delays over 5 minutes from twenty one to two per year.

Bernard Sebastian
Assistant Vice President, Express Rail Link (ERL), Malaysia

Bernard brings over 8 years of experience in strategy and business development across various industries.

He plays an instrumental role in expanding ERL’s sales channels through various partnerships globally. The partnership expansion initiative was recognised at the annual Global AirRail Awards 2019 in Vienna when ERL received the Partnership Of The Year Award.

Bernard also oversees the ancillary business for ERL – focusing on partner products, advertising, events, retail, and other non-train revenue.

Viknesh Ir. Sri Viknesh Permalu
Associate, Malaysia Rail Systems Leader, Arup

Sri is a Chartered Engineer and registered ASEAN Professional Engineer with more than 16 years of experience in railway engineering and rail related projects in Malaysia. Throughout his career, Sri have contributed to the development of railway industry in Malaysia in various capacities, including as a main contractor, project delivery partner, government agency representative and consulting entity.

s Sri is a director and national secretary for the Malaysia Section of the Institution of Railway Signal Engineers (IRSE). Currently Sri leads Rail Systems for Arup in Malaysia. His experience includes high-speed rail planning and feasibility, as well as urban and mainline project execution and delivery.


As the Government of Malaysia’s project delivery vehicle for the Kuala Lumpur-Singapore High Speed Rail (KL-SG HSR) project, MyHSR Corporation Sdn Bhd (MyHSR Corp) is responsible for the development and implementation of this high-impact and game-changing initiative that will drive Malaysia towards becoming a developed nation. The KL-SG HSR is envisioned to be more than just a rail transportation project. It is expected to be a growth engine that will unlock the socio-economic potentials along the Southern corridor of Peninsular Malaysia, spurring the development of key economic centres and intermediate cities while boosting the various industries and their supporting ecosystem, creating jobs and business opportunities for all.

During the Request For Information (RFI) exercise between August and November 2023, MyHSR Corp is tasked to seek concept proposals from local and international firms or consortia to design, finance, build, operate, and transfer the KL-SG HSR based on the public-private partnership model. Incorporated in 2015, MyHSR Corp is wholly-owned by the Minister of Finance (Incorporated) and under the supervision of the Ministry of Transport Malaysia.

Website: www.myhsr.com.my

Express Rail Link Sdn Bhd (ERL)
is the operator of KLIA Ekspres and KLIA Transit services that connect Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA T1 & T2) and the city. This year marks ERL’s 21 years of service. Throughout the years, ERL has taken many initiatives to deliver a safe and reliable public transport system. ERL has also been recognised locally and internationally for consistently providing high standards of service. Since its service launch in April 2002, ERL has carried over 115 million passengers onboard its trains and has consistently maintained its 99.7% on-time service performance record.

Incorporated in 1996, ERL is a private limited company owned by Malaysia’s foremost companies. YTL Corporation Berhad, Lembaga Tabung Haji, SIPP Rail Sdn Bhd and Trisilco Equity Sdn Bhd. The operations and maintenance are efficiently managed by ERL Maintenance Support Sdn Bhd (E-MAS).

Website: www.kliaekspres.com

Rail Personnel is an internationally recognised rail recruitment specialist that has been delivering staffing solutions and job opportunities to a worldwide clientele for over 15 years. Our expert recruiters have international experience and in-depth knowledge of the rail industry. We can provide skilled engineer and operations staff to do design, construction and maintenance in all rail disciplines, either on contract or to fill permanent positions.

Our database profiles over 35,000 rail professionals, allowing us to source candidates globally. More than 7,000 visitors access the Rail Personnel website each month for information about jobs, rail people and latest developments in the rail industry.

Website: www.railpersonnel.com
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Metro Rail News offers business, advertisement and media partnership opportunities to the individuals, business organizations, event planners, metro railways, OEMs and coach factories worldwide.

Website: www.metrorailnews.in
Rail Analysis

Rail Analysis
is a Prominent Rail Print, Digital and Online Media specializing in Railways and Metro Sector of India covering projects such as Traditional Railways, Modern Systems, Metro Systems, High Speed Rail and Station Redevelopment projects. We continue to be focused on the promotion of the Railway Industry development in India and its future growth towards innovation and modernization. Our Magazine is sent to Indian and Global Railway Professionals & Major marketing platform, distributed to the decision makers of the Railways Industry in India. It provides the latest news and updates on Indian projects for International companies to connect with each other and collaborate for projects in India along with information and analysis on railway projects in India.

Check Out latest edition at www.railanalysis.in.

Tunnelbuilder has consistently been a leading source for the latest tunneling tenders, awards, and invaluable news within the industry. With an unwavering commitment to providing up-to-date and comprehensive information, Tunnelbuilder serves as an indispensable platform for professionals seeking opportunities and insights in the tunnel construction sector. One of Tunnelbuilder's core strengths lies in its ability to connect businesses with lucrative prospects. By showcasing tenders and awards from around the world, it acts as a catalyst for companies looking to expand their operations or embark on new ventures. Tunnelbuilder not only informs but also actively supports businesses in promoting their services and expertise to a global audience, fostering growth and collaboration within the tunneling community.

TunnelBuilder offers unparalleled exposure to a global audience of tunneling professionals and stakeholders. Maximize your company's visibility, showcase your expertise, and secure valuable contracts by leveraging our platform's extensive reach. Join us to connect, grow, and thrive in the tunnel construction industry. In summary, Tunnelbuilder's role as a premier source for tunneling tenders and news, coupled with its dedication to facilitating industry promotion, makes it an invaluable asset for professionals and businesses operating in the tunnel construction domain.

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