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StratComs Events is pleased to bringing you the 6th International Conference - HSR Asia 2023 taking place in Kuala Lumpur from 31st October to 1st November 2023. This prestigious event  will bring together decision makers, policy makers, practitioners, rail operators, government, industry experts and researchers from around the world to explore and discuss the latest advancements, challenges and opportunities in the high speed rail and other rail transport systems in the Asia Pacific region. The 2 day conference will track the rapid development of growth and network expansion of high-speed rail systems and will offer insights and analysis of the Asia Pacific rail market, covering the current situation, expected new developments, key trends, advanced rail solutions including AI technology and opportunities.
StratComs Events in collaboration with Centre for Strategic Energy & Resources is pleased to bring you its first nuclear energy summit focused on developing nuclear energy in the Asia Pacific region particularly the ASEAN countries who are currently looking at nuclear energy as a possible addition to their countries energy mix in light of growing energy demands.

Land-scarce Singapore is envisioning a future in which nuclear energy will make up about 10 per cent of its energy mix by 2050. As a small island nation with a considerable hunger for energy, Singapore needs to think big to reach its goal of carbon neutrality.

ASEAN countries have no operational nuclear reactors currently but all of that could change very quickly – Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines have recently announced their intentions to relaunch their civil nuclear projects to meet their ever growing energy needs and reduce their dependence on fossil fuels.  Southeast Asia’s policy choices will have huge implications for its future energy mix and will be critical to meeting global environmental targets.  We are currently in the midst of an energy crisis and fossil fuels still make up 83% of Southeast Asia’s energy mix with energy demand expected to increase exponentially exposing these countries to increasing economic, energy security and geopolitical risks – balancing energy security, energy equity and energy sustainability.
Hospitalog Asia 2023
The pandemic led to rapid reinvention of healthcare delivery in the Asia Pacific region. According to a recent report, the Asia Pacific healthcare market is projected to grow by 8% reaching a value of US$5 trillion by 2028.

This 3-day event will provide hospital logistics professionals and healthcare providers in the Asia Pacific region valuable insights and best practices to future-proof their operations, improve patient care and achieve healthcare excellence. The agenda includes keynote speeches, case studies, panel discussions, and workshops focused on topics including data analytics, patient-centric approaches, post-pandemic supply chain management, and the role of technology in hospital logistics. Participants will have the opportunity to network with peers, learn from industry experts, and develop a roadmap for optimising hospital logistics and improving patient care in their organizations.

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